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DOPPKON stands for quality, partnership and innovation. Since our founding in 2013, these cornerstones, which are important to us, have crystallized and today form the basis of our day-to-day work and shape our corporate culture.

We live for
Medicine & Technology.

Grateful for what we have achieved so far, we secure the future of our company in a performance- oriented manner and by acting responsibly, convincing our customers of our skills, inspiring them with our results and contributing to their advancement.

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We see quality as the ultimate goal of our services. And we have high demands on this – to exceed the requirements of our customers! We bear responsibility for our services and products by giving our best. When defining our quality criteria, we are essentially guided by functionality, the state of the art and the usefulness of the service or product. When defining our quality criteria, we are essentially guided by functionality, the state of the art and the usefulness of the service or product. We have a continuous improvement process in order not to stand still, because only in this way can we and our performance become better so that our customer receives an optimal result.



Behind our success so far are on the one hand the people in our company and on the other hand the people outside our company: partnerships are for us the prerequisite for a good result. Reliable and honest dealings enable us to build valuable relationships with the people around us: our customers, our suppliers and our employees. With each of these parties, we cultivate a working relationship based on togetherness from day one, thereby facilitating the achievement of common goals and leading to long-term success.



Turning visionary thinking into reality: From the wishes of our customers and our know-how we create something new, better, different. Concepts are implemented when potential and feasibility have been analyzed. For us, innovation is not a word that is used as a means for advertising purposes. We live what it really is: Through our way of working we develop innovations and changes in and for medical technology. We collaborate on progress and like to be one step ahead of the state of the art.

Our history

Once upon a time…

…that’s how every good story begins – and so does ours. Full of ideas, drive and a PC with a design program, Alexander Doppelstein opened his design and development office for medical technology in June 2013. In the immediate vicinity of the world center for medical technology – Tuttlingen – the opening of an integrated manufacturing facility in Spaichingen took place in 2015. Meanwhile, the main services of our ISO 13485 certified company are not only project planning and development in the field of medical technology but also prototype construction as well as series production of surgical instruments – all within our own four walls. Here we rely on digital manufacturing, modern machinery and an exceptionally motivated and dynamic team of creative and performance-oriented minds.

We differentiate ourselves
through holistic thinking

The product idea of our customers and their requirements to reach market maturity are our focus. That’s why we develop with holistic thinking that integrates quality and production-relevant aspects right from the start.

Experience in
various disciplines
product spectrum

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Do you have an idea?
We listen to you.

“We are your partner for development projects in medical technology!”

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